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While virtually every part of the house receivesa remodeling, the garage is nevertheless not considered. Epoxy garage flooring, is however a correct resolution to grease and dirt coated garage floors. Nowadays, most epoxy garage floor companies supply a assortment of designs and colors in addition to options to combine two or three colors together to get a individualized look which means your your garage can also have similar look and feel of beauty as the rest of the house. This flooring also includes an uv inhibitor that reduces any deterioration which can be because of sun energy and additionally it helps prevent the flooring from fading. Through the use of an epoxy floor finish to your garage you can certainly maintain your garage area as a thoroughly clean, and dry.

Last but not least, garage epoxy floors are very simple to keep clean and maintain. The impact from tires, oil, salt and chemical contaminants in garages, commercial and industrial establishments are not easy to eliminate and costly to repair if without treatment ,. It’s not only troublesome and time-consuming, but also can be extremely higher priced.

Americas Industrial Coatings Epoxy Flooring Fort Lauderdale
Americas Industrial Coatings Garage Epoxy Flooring Fort Lauderdale

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a cost-effective liquid-applied flooring system that cures into a tough plastic surface. Our epoxy floor installation offers high-quality epoxy floor s for commercial and residential property owners in the Miami Lakes, Fl area. Regardless of your picture for your room, we can easily create a customized epoxy floor  treatment to fit your needs.

Garage Epoxy Floors

Garage floor epoxy is probably the most preferred residential use for epoxy. Our epoxy garage floor installation will bring your ideas alive, regardless of whether you desire a vibrant workshop in your garage or an automobile display room. A Miami Lakes, Fl garage epoxy floor coating is a cost-effective method to revitalize your garage with a stunning, low-maintenance, and sturdy flooring system.

Decorative Epoxy

We provide you with a number of ways to accomplish a distinctive epoxy floor for your residence or business. A metallic epoxy garage floor, for instance, can produce a declaration with a glistening and dazzling floor. Epoxy flake flooring is yet another choice for a multi-colored effect that enhances your area and contributes functional attention.


Residential Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Flooring in your Miami Lakes, Fl home is surely an inexpensive solution to update your worn-out concrete floor and morph it into a dazzling, smooth surface. Epoxy is simple to clean up and manage and may be colored for greater attractiveness. Our residential clientele understand the low cost and dependable results of a residential epoxy floor.

Commercial Epoxy

Our company offers epoxy flooring installation for every type of Miami Lakes, Fl commercial application including health-related centers and academic institutions to kitchens, retail shops, as well as food producing companies. An epoxy concrete floor can modify your property by merging physical appearance with functionality and value for the money.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a straightforward victor with regard to commercial flooring with a sleek chemical-resistant surface area that’s low maintenance to sanitize. Epoxy flooring will even withstand automobile and foot traffic having a life-span of up to a decade.

Epoxy Resin Floor Installation in Miami Lakes, Fl

Epoxy garage floors are applied by using layers of a tough, long-lasting coating called epoxy. Epoxies utilized provide glimmering, clean and durable flooring surfaces.
Regularly present in garages and basements, epoxy is a paired chemical substance that is made resin and a hardener which, when dry, makes a robust, long-lasting coating. In addition to being strong, this finish is impenetrable to oil and is slip-resistant, causing it to be an outstanding product to use on flooring surfaces in a heavy-traffic area. Nevertheless, the industrial world isn’t the only place where epoxy flooring is praised. Within the design trade, epoxy is known as being more than solely a means to protect a floor. It is equally considered to be a remarkably versatile product, very effective at reworking a mundane area into a a thing of beauty. Consequently, even if you don’t need a commercial strength surface, you may take into consideration getting epoxy flooring for its aesthetic appeal



Part of the interest creative designers have in epoxy flooring is that once dry, the floor can have a high, glossy shine. Even though this gloss is standard to any epoxy brand, many organizations accomplish this look by adding one more topcoat over the standard epoxy combination. The good thing is, with a number of companies, that isn’t essential. Most of the epoxy mixes include a built-in Ultraviolet inhibitor -the ingredient required to produce a long lasting sheen. This supplies the buyer a professional shine without the extra work.

The Best Epoxy Resin Floor Installation in Miami Lakes, Fl

One more reason that epoxy flooring is a favorite with Miami Lakes, Fl designers is that it can be effortlessly individualized. The 2 chemicals that are merged together to generate the epoxy are also known as the base coat. And, gray no longer is the only option in choosing a base coat. At this time, basecoats are available in any color imaginable. Which means that designers can select a color that compliments, contrasts, or highlights the area they’re renovating. The color options are limitless. You are encouraged to check out the many colors we have to choose from.

On our website, you can view the colors and get assistance in deciding which is the right shade for your project.

Together with choosing a floor color, clients also have the chance to boost their floor’s uniqueness with anti-slip flecks. Generally, these anti-slip agents are chips that come in various colors and are sprinkled on top of poured epoxy (prior to it curing).

Epoxy Resin Floor Installation in Miami Lakes, Fl

Anti-slip flecks are made of acrylic and present a decorative effect to an epoxy floor. Easily obtainable in a array of colors, these specks, with the base coats, give epoxy floors an explosion of

Miami Lakes, Fl epoxy floors are seamless, and there isn’t any area for harmful bacteria and other contaminants to grow.
They’re great for dinning establishments and other food processing businesses, and are also regularly used in industrial environments.
Epoxy flooring is equally ideal for home use, especially kitchens and garage floors.
Should you prefer a long-lasting, solid garage floor, epoxy is the ideal choice.

Two-Part 100 Percent Epoxy Solids

This can be the smart choice if you want a sturdy floor. This type of epoxy floor coating “cures” through a chemical process that renders a hard, solid and delightful floor. It is 5 times thicker than water-based paint. Various authorities have claimed that this class of epoxy is much more sturdy than the bare concrete under it. This high-quality flooring is also quite possibly the most abrasive- and chemical-resistant.

An epoxy floor beautifies any open area, adding value to your house, restaurant or retail store. It also stretches the life span of your concrete floor and maintains it. Epoxy is not difficult to clean, and immune to mold and bacteria. A number of people use epoxy to protect their garage floors, considering that the material avoids solvents, chemicals, lubricants and very hot car tire markings. It is really an beneficial waterproof sealant, and it cuts down the discharge of radon gas.

Lots of colors and numerous versions are on hand, and it’s only a matter of choosing pattern ideal for your applications.

On account of the chemical structure of epoxy, it is quite sturdy as well as abrasion resistant. Instead of by using a latex based paint, individuals using a resin-based solids epoxy product do not have to repaint their floor coverings every few years. The truth is, just one coat of solids-based epoxy flooring can last last a lifetime. The key point would be that epoxy flooring paint will bond with cement molecules in any floor to present final results that are long-lasting. This molecular bond is a great deal much stronger than the adhesion provided by other paints, which includes enamel and latex based paints. This makes it specifically good to use in spots where you will find heavy foot traffic or heavy equipment.

Epoxy flooring is generally used in a lots of locations, including basements, and garage floors, indoor patios, retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and laboratories, which all call for strong, tough floors. Numerous homeowners even really want their kitchen floors to be epoxy. Besides the longevity epoxy flooring, it is ready to face up to damage that is caused by numerous chemical solutions. Therefore not only will it not be ruined by chemical floor cleaning solutions.

Epoxy Floors Not Just For The Garage

Epoxy coating for floors is also highly affordable as opposed to other sorts of floor finishes including carpeting, tile, wood and vinyl.
Ash-epoxy-living-room-americas-industrial coatings

America’s Industrial Coatings of South Florida can transform any room in your home or office into a custom one of a kind floor.

When the epoxy is applied to concrete it effectively seals it. This eliminates much of concretes downsides, such as it being porous. Epoxy flooring can work for almost any situation compared to other flooring methods. Epoxy flooring is durable, is cost-effective, is chemical resistant, and easy to clean.

The nice things about an epoxy floor is that it is easy to clean and maintain. You can use a soft bristle broom or a commercial dust mop to clean your epoxy floor. For a very dirty surface, you can sweep away any loose debris and then use a wet mop with clear ammonia and hot water.

The size of the space is a big deal in deciding how long the project could take. Additionally, depending on which type of epoxy flooring you chose, it could be longer or shorter. On an average sized room, it could take 2-3 days.

Yes, there is, the concrete must be prepared before we start pouring on the epoxy resins. We also check to make sure that the concrete floor is clean, as any stain will show through the epoxy flooring. Additionally, we repair any cracks in the concrete as well, before we start. After all this is done we get started with the epoxy floor installation.

Results may vary from company to company but we have customers with floors that are over 10 years old that are still are in perfect condition.

Yes in fact we have the best warranty in South Florida compared to our competition.

Based on our experience with the coatings we use, it is recommended to wait 48 hours before introducing vehicular traffic

These floors are designed to hold up against abuse. However they are not bulletproof. We recommend if you ever move anything heavy you do not drag it across the floor. You must use a dolly.

Epoxy Resin Floor Installation in Miami Lakes, Fl

Color Options For Epoxy Resin Floors?

Whether you need a classy entryway to a restaurant or require an unyielding surface area to endure industrial work – there is an epoxy floor system right for your area. Remarks will be approved before appearing (epoxy flooring for homes).

So exactly what are epoxy flooring coatings? Epoxy floor finishes are usually two part solids based, solvent based or water based. Epoxy floor covering consists of a Resin part and a Hardener part, just like epoxy glue. Routine garage flooring paints are one part oil based or water based.

Epoxy Garage Floor installation in Miami Lakes, Fl

High quality epoxy flooring paints are neither one part, oil based nor water based and all epoxies are not the very same and you need to know why so you do not need to do your flooring a 2nd or 3rd time.

Positioning epoxy floor covering in the very same classification as conventional garage floor paints is like saying a Volkswagen Beetle is the same as a Ferrari since they are both cars and trucks (concrete floor epoxy). An epoxy flooring coating will abide by your garage flooring or any concrete flooring for that matter way better than any traditional oil based, water or enamel paint, believe epoxy glue type adhesion vs duct tape adhesion.

An excellent epoxy flooring finish when treated is practically stain proof and cleaning it is similar to cleaning your Teflon pan. Our epoxy finishings are readily available in various colors with custom-made colors offered for bigger size floorings. epoxy concrete floor. We likewise have ornamental color flakes that can be included into the epoxy for a granite type look.

The Best Strategy To Use For Can You Install Epoxy Floors Over Concrete?

We have actually done every type of flooring there is with every kind of item ever invented so we know precisely what works and what doesn’t work and it’s a reason we are the biggest online epoxy flooring sellers. What does that indicate? It suggests that with 100% solids you are getting 100% paint so that whatever you put down is what you get – epoxy for concrete floors.

The part that vaporizes is either solvents in the case of solids paints or water in the case of water based epoxy paints – epoxy for concrete floors. For instance, if an epoxy is 50% solids it indicates that 50% of the finishing you apply will evaporate away as it dries. The lower the percentage of solids the lower the quality is a good general rule, with water based paints being the most affordable quality.

So its ok for guides & overcoats to be lower in solids, simply attempt not to utilize water based products. If you see a WB in the item name or part number it’s water based. Likewise one last note high portion solids epoxies are not as great as 100% solids epoxies.

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