Flooring Removal & Surface Preparation Contractor in Fort Lauderdale

Flooring Removal and Surface Preparation

If you need floor demolition service in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in Broward County we can help. Professional Interior & Exterior Residential and Commercial Flooring Removal Service We can take care of all your flooring demolition needs including.

  • Concrete Floor Removal
  • Hardwood Floor Removal
  • Laminate Floor Removal
  • Vinyl Floor Removal
  • Carpet & Padding Removal
  • Ceramic Tile Removal
  • Linoleum Removal
  • Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) Removal

Looking for a contractor who can handle your flooring Dustless-Floor-Removal-Fremoval projects? America’s has the equipment necessary for any size removal job quickly and economically. We are using the industry state of the art equipment to save our customers money on every kind of floor covering removal project like: Do you have some new flooring installed to replace your old, dingy version? The look of your business or home can be improved by redoing your flooring.
The problem with removing old flooring is entirely different.

Our flooring removal service removes all the hassle from the process. The job at hand can be handled quickly and efficiently by us with our tools, skills, and personnel. Our team of experts will help you in the following ways:

  •  Affordable floor removal rates
  •  Easy, hassle-free scheduling
  • Courteous crew

If you need flooring removed from your property in Broward County, our team is here to make the process as simple as can be.

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What is Dust Free Flooring Removal?

Dustless-Flooring-RemovalAt America’s, we specialize in dustless tile, vinyl and hardwood floor removal. Our revolutionary system utilizes a state-of-the-art solution for floor tile removal, hardwood floor removal, underlayment, and virtually all other types of flooring material currently on the market. Our dustless tile removal process is exceptionally fast and efficient to ensure your project is completed on time, with minimal hassle.

There has been increasing concern about the residual dust and debris released when floor tiles are removed, or hardwood floors are removed. The solution has now been found. In addition to speeding up the floor tile removal and hardwood floor removal processes (finishing the project faster than traditional methods), dustless tile removal and hardwood floor removal are safer for clients with respiratory illnesses or vulnerable overall health.

When you remove your floor, traditional floor removal creates hazardous dust and debris that can harm children, infants, elderly relatives, and pets living in your home. Additionally, establishments such as hospitals and other medical facilities, restaurants, offices, schools, and libraries can rest assured that their customers and clients are not inhaling dangerous particles after a floor replacement.

What makes Dust Free Floor Removal Better?

Keeping the air in your home or business free of dust and other airborne particulates is particularly important if any of your family members have breathing problems or other health issues. There is no measure taken to prevent the drift of dust and particulates throughout the rest of the building with traditional tile removal systems. Is that something anyone wants to handle?

With a specialized suction system that removes dust and particulates from the moment they are created, the hazards and discomfort previously associated with floor removal and replacement is eliminated. Whether you need a clean solution for health reasons or aesthetic reasons American Industrial Coatings’ Dust Free tile and flooring removal service is better, cheaper, and faster than any other option available!

By removing tiles dust-free, we are leaving behind a more even and cleaner flooring surface. You are able to start installing your new flooring without having to perform any further preparation. By reducing the amount of preparation required before installing a flooring base, ready-made flooring bases lower costs. After the tile is removed, there is less dust in the environment, so projects can progress more quickly; essentially, cleaning up unwelcome messes before laying new flooring is less time-consuming. In addition, we offer affordable dust-free tile removal to both residential and commercial customers including hospitals, clinics, schools, and office buildings.



Why Choose Our Dust-Free Flooring Removal’s System:

  • No harmful dust and debris left behind
  •     Creates a ready-prepped floor base for new flooring installation
  •     Faster than traditional equipment
  •     Affordable
  •     No need for never-ending cleanup
  •     Powerful equipment is efficient
  •     Environmentally Friendly

Removing Tiles from Medical Facilities

The concerns about the residual dust and debris that result from traditional flooring removal make hospitals and other medical facilities hesitant to replace their worn-out tiles. Our dust-free process ensures patients with sensitivity are not exposed to harmful dust that can cause respiratory problems. We produce better results than traditional tile removal, so you can carry out your important work in much less time. Hospitals and other health facilities will appreciate this quicker turnaround time, since flooring repairs can cause patient overload in other areas, even resulting in fatalities. For medical buildings, you won’t find a better solution than our dust-free system. A client will receive care in the facility without having to worry about dust or particles being left behind.Tile-Removal-Americas-Industrial-Coatings

School Floor Removal of Tile and Vinyl

When it comes to removing tiles, school administrators are often caught between a rock and a hard place. Many factors, including budget cuts, a lack of time and the inability to shut down certain areas of the campus, prevent flooring from being replaced on a timely basis. In the case of tile removal, it is important to have a quick turnaround. Dust-free systems are an affordable solution for our clients. If you choose our dustless system to remove the tile, improving the results of your renovation in less time is the least of your worries. The system eliminates dust after removing the tiles, ensuring that teachers, staff, and students can start working again immediately without any additional hassle.

Removal of Commercial and Business Office Floors Made from Tile or Vinyl

There is a lot of foot traffic in business office buildings. Business operations include dealing with damaged flooring and replacing it as quickly as possible without incurring huge out-of-pocket costs. It is our goal to complete your project as quickly and efficiently as possible by utilizing our dust-free tile removal system. As opposed to traditional flooring removal techniques, our equipment leaves no dust behind after removing tiles from floors. Ask about our dust-free specialty system if you need tile replacement and need to return to business as usual in a timely manner!

Residential Tile, Vinyl, Hardwood Floors Removal

We provide quality service without the headaches usually associated with home repair for discriminating homeowners in need of tile removal services. The tile removal service can relieve you of all the stress associated with home renovations and repairs. If you have young children, elderly family members, or need a dust-free home for other reasons, our dust-free system is the perfect choice for you. Dust-free tile removal does not leave behind a mess, so homeowners do not have to worry about cleaning up after the flooring has been replaced for weeks on end.  There won’t be time wasted on dust-tracing pet poops; our dust-free tile removal system takes care of that right away. There should be no reason for anyone to put off removing or replacing their floors or must turn their living situation upside down in order to accomplish it. The tile removal process can be fast, easy, dust-free with our service.

America’s Industrial Coatings flooring removal division area experts at flooring removal. Whether it is a single room or entire building, our system provides a clean, ready-prepped floor base for new flooring installation, in less time than traditional flooring removal methods.

The benefits of removing your floor with professional floor removal services include:

The team at America’s in Fort Lauderdale ensures that all floor coverings are removed seamlessly and without any dust. A dustless and total floor removal will be provided by our top experts. Among the services we provide are commercial, residential, and industrial. Our team will leave the site once the floor has been prepared for a new coating.

To begin, our skilled team of flooring removal professionals covers your personal belongings with plastic wrap or aluminum ramps, such as appliances, cabinets, and walls as we arrive at the site. This was intended to prevent all types of damage, dirt, and debris from damaging your property. Following thorough coverage and protection, we proceed to remove the floor covering of your surface. The floor covering is completely removed by our expert flooring technicians using specialized removal machines.

If you would like to dispose of flooring of any kind, our advanced machines can do the job for you. Our floor removal crew thoroughly cleans even the hardest to reach corners.

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