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Is Epoxy Flooring Better Than a Normal Concrete Floor

The question of whether to use conventional concrete flooring or epoxy floor coating is one of the most commonly asked questions by our epoxy flooring contractors. The question is really what kind of flooring you really need. 

Would you like your flooring to be able to hold more weight or resist damage? A polished concrete floor can’t take any weight, and it is not resistant to damage, so you need an epoxy system. 

Are harsh chemicals a common part of your daily life? As a result, epoxy flooring should be installed since traditional concrete flooring will allow chemicals to come into contact with the concrete slab, resulting in the chemicals being leaked into the environment.

Commercial epoxy is commonly used for the following reasons:

Concrete that is stronger and more durable

Chemical spills and moisture are protected from the floor with this product

Enhances light reflection of the floor by up to 300%

Addition of an additive significantly improves slip resistance

A cement or concrete bond

– Hides floors that have been damaged

Solution for waterproof flooring

The limitations of polished concrete do not apply to epoxy floor systems. Commercial epoxy systems improve concrete’s weight capacity and impact resistance, even though they are more costly than polished concrete.

 In addition, it can withstand harsh conditions in food processing, medical facilities, and manufacturing facilities. Once fully cured, epoxy systems are incredibly resistant to acids, alkalis, and solvents, making them ideal for environments that could potentially be hazardous.

It is an excellent flooring choice that is both durable and affordable for commercial and industrial settings, as well as some residential areas.

 When mixed with a resin, epoxy coatings create an extremely durable, chemically-inhibitive surface that can withstand a variety of challenges.

Epoxy concrete floors have an inherent durability, making them an ideal flooring choice for areas with heavy foot traffic, chemical spills, heavy machinery traffic or other substances and activities that would corrode less durable flooring options. 

These floors are mostly found in commercial applications, but some people have them in their home garages as well. Furthermore, epoxy surfaces can be an excellent choice in areas that do not expect to have a high number of mold, mites, or allergens, all of which thrive more easily in carpets than in hard, easy-to-clean concrete surfaces.

Epoxy concrete floors offer a number of additional advantages, whether they are installed in a residential, commercial, or industrial space. The aesthetic appeal of epoxy floors is high.

 It is possible to complement a space with industrial, luxurious, or an appearance that falls somewhere in the middle, depending on the items’ desired appearance. In short, epoxy concrete floors can be customized almost infinitely.

 They’re also among the most eco-friendly options, as they increase light reflectivity by up to 300%, making it possible to use fewer lights in your facility, lower electricity costs.

A concrete floor coated with epoxy can be an excellent solution whether you need a flooring solution for indoors or outdoors. A heavy-traffic area such as a manufacturing plant, warehouse, showroom, hospital, or airplane hangar will benefit from epoxy floors that can withstand the abuse these facilities undergo.

When used regularly and heavily, epoxy floors can last for decades, and they don’t need anything special except normal cleaning. Its custom color and decorative patterns can make epoxy floors work beautifully for any space, adding beauty and utility at the same time.

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