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Every day we get asked what is the best garage floor flooring. There are many factors that can influence the choice of floor covering for a garage. First, consider what the floor will be used for. People are turning garages into man caves or bedrooms. You would need a different flooring type if these uses are not possible if the garage is being used for the intended purpose: to park the car.

You have two options for garage floors: mats or paint. If you plan to be there for only a few months, mats will work well. A long-term coating is better if your house will be occupied for many years. There are many options, but epoxy is the most popular choice.

There are two types of epoxy for home use. This two-part system consists of both a hardener and a resin. The mixture will then be rolled out. The polymer cures to form a hard, almost unbreakable surface. After applying the epoxy coating, you’ll have about 10 mils of protection.

Another option is the water-based epoxy. The solids percentage of the two parts is 100 percent, but it’s only 40% to 50% in the water-based epoxy. Because water is added to the liquefying media, this can be explained. The resultant coat will generally be thicker if there is a higher percentage of solids.

No matter what epoxy type you use, floor preparation is crucial. A garage will likely have oil stains due to oil drips or spillage from an oil change. To bond epoxy with concrete properly, these stains need to be removed completely. You can do this step with a high-quality degreaser. It is possible to use either a solvent-based or an environmentally friendly degreaser, but make sure there are no residues.

Clean the floor thoroughly with soap and water after removing any grease. Dry it completely. It is a good idea to put a heater in your garage overnight.

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