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Epoxy, usually found in garages or basements, is composed of resin and hardener, which when dried, forms a durable, long-lasting coating. The oil-repellent and slip-resistant properties of this coating make it an ideal flooring product for areas that receive heavy traffic. Epoxy flooring is not only used in the industrial world. The epoxy flooring industry considers epoxy to be more than just a material for protecting floors. Furthermore, the product is considered highly versatile, capable of transforming an ordinary area into an exceptional piece of art. However, even if you do not require a heavy-duty floor, epoxy flooring provides an aesthetic appeal.
It is because epoxy flooring has a high sheen once completely dried that designers are attracted to it. Despite the fact that this gloss is common to all epoxy brands, it is often achieved by applying an additional topcoat to the standard epoxy mix. It’s not necessary for some businesses to do that. The epoxy mixes supplied by this company contain a built-in UV inhibitor, an essential component for long-term shine. Buyers will benefit from this since they will not need to bother with adding extra work.
Designers love epoxy flooring because it’s easy to personalize. Epoxy is created by mixing two chemicals together. This is also known as the base coat. As a result, base coats are no longer limited to gray. These days, the basecoat comes in any color you can imagine. Therefore, designers can choose colors that complement, contrast, or highlight the space they are redesigning. Only the company that offers them can limit the color options. They have a wide range of colors to choose from. 
It is possible to customize epoxy floors beyond just the basecoat. Customers can also choose an anti-slip feature to enhance the uniqueness of their floors. These anti-slip agents are normally chips that are sprinkled on top of poured epoxy before it cures (before it is sealed). These acrylic flecks protect epoxy floors by preventing them from slipping. Colorful flecks add interest to epoxy flooring, which is available in a variety of colors along with base coats.
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